You and I are Meant to be Together ~ Inoo & Yabu

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The Private Room of Yabu Kota and Inoo Kei
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Irasshaimase! Welcome! Herzlich Wilkomen!

{ I N O O B U } Kei Inoo + Yabu Kota

inoobu is an Inoo Kei & Yabu Kota OTP Community owned by turtlepark together with keiyuu_ruka, chika_no_shadow and karmoisin this community is dedicated to Inoo and Yabu relationship. All posts must be anything about Yabu Kota and Inoo Kei, whether their friendship or something like that. You can post anything here, but scroll down please and read the rules in there.


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Rules & Affiliates
The rules is very simple, so i hope you'll aim it ^^

1. No bashing, spamming, porn, dramas here

2. All post must be related in either Yabu Kota and Inoo Kei

3. Put all your post under LJ-cut

4. Do not hotlink and repost without permission

5. Graphics & fan fiction must be Inoo and Yabu. If it's Hey! Say! Jump, you can post it in heysay_fanfic

6. Free fake cut to your journal / community


check out our affiliates list here. just drop a little comment here if you wish to become an affiliate with us ^^

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