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18 August 2012 @ 10:13 pm
Two Faces: My Vengeful Soul  

Title: Two Faces: My Vengeful Soul

Pair: Inoobu, Yabu-Centric, Takabu(Friendship), Tadaiki(slight)

Genre: Angst, Betrayal, Romance, Friendship, Death

Summary: Everything was taken away from him, his name, his life, and his family and the only thing that was left in him was hatred and the only thing he felt was revenge. He lived his life following one thing and it is his ambition and his revenge to those people who took everything away from him. Allowing these feelings conquer his heart and soul, he became successful yet he was miserable, not being able to free himself from his hatred something went missing from his life and someone filled that missing part of him with love and care which he never noticed until it was his time to go…

Warning! This is a long one shot that's why it was made into parts! Italicized words are Kota’s past.

Here they are~

Part 1 - http://yeyell15.livejournal.com/12893.html
Part 2 - http://yeyell15.livejournal.com/13268.html
Part 3 - http://yeyell15.livejournal.com/13360.html

OKAY! dun kill me! XD enjoy nee~ It's a bit late posting here though~ :D
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